Life's too short to skip a hackathon.
Just this time, we hack alone.
Start: 6th of November 2020, 18:00
Duration: 3 days
Price: 40.4 RON
The rule is that there are no rules
Just friendly recommendations
  • The 404 hackathon will have 5 tracks containing 5 challenges each.
  • Each track will belong to one of our four fun-loving sponsors and will revolve around a specific topic. The 5th track will be created, in the good spirit of hackfulness, by the HackTM team.
  • On the 6th of November all challenges will be published.
  • If you solve the challenge and submit the correct solution (aka "flag"), you get points.
  • You can solve the challenges using whatever programming language or platform you see appropriate, on your local machine or in the cloud. All you need to do on this website is to submit the correct answer.
  • For some problems you get a fixed amount of points, for others the initial value may decay (if it’s valued at 100 points initially, as more people solve it, it might end up at 90pts).
  • No need to worry if you submit a wrong answer. You can review your answer without any penalty.
  • The maximum number of points per challenge depends on its difficulty. Easier problems give you fewer points.
  • In case of a score tie per individual track, the fastest correct answers will receive the prize.
Challenges & Prizes
Smart City / Mobility
 High score = Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Kit
Continuous deployment / Continuous integration
 High score = Samsung S20 Fan Edition
HERE we are
 High score = 1500 RON EMAG voucher
Digital Insights
 1UP = LinkedIn Learning 6 months subscription
 2UP = Mechanical keyboard
 3UP = JBL headsets
 High score = Encrypted prize. Hack to decrypt.
HackTM_404 Grand Prize is generated
by the HackTM team
The winner takes home a loot crate full of surprizes worth $$$
High Achievers
Hackers who solve all challenges receive a HackTM T-shirt + enter a raffle to win (yet another) secret prize worth $$$.